Redskins Clip the Eagles in Critical NFC East Showdown

Leonard Kirby
Matt Jones RB, Washington Redskins
Matt Jones RB, Washington Redskins

Our Washington Redskins defeated NFC East Division rival Philadelphia Eagles by the score of 27-20. After an 0-2 start, our Redskins have won 4 straight and are now a respectable 4-2.

The Redskins defense applied pressure on Eagles’ rookie quarterback sensation Carson Wentz every play. Wentz was sacked at least 5 times, hit and hurried and definitely under pressure the entire game. The Redskins defense only gave up 6 points, two field goals. The other 14 points were a result of an 86 yard kick return and a pick 6 interception. Special Teams gave up the touchdown and the offense committed the interception for the touchdown.

Except for those two big plays, the Redskins had dominated time of possession and had a 14 point lead. However, big plays by the Eagle tied the game.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins had a good day, throwing some perfect passes, two touchdowns, and the one interception which resulted in a pick 6. I do not blame Cousins for the pick 6. Although under pressure, he found an open receiver and threw a good pass toward the receiver, but the experienced old veteran Malcolm Jenkins made a great play and closed the gap while the ball was in flight and intercepted it.

Sometimes we do have to give the opponent credit for making a great play instead of criticizing our player. He is a professional football player and gets paid to do his job.

If I were to criticize anything about this great win it would be Vernon Davis bonehead penalty after his touchdown catch that caused kicker Dustin Hopkins to have to kickoff 15 yards deeper. The ball was returnable but instead landed in the endzone for a touchback. Eagles returner Wendell Smallwood took the kickoff 86 yards for a touchdown, which help tie the score and kept Philadelphia in the game although being dominated.


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I might also say in my view our offense underachieved by 11 points. They had to settle for a field goal instead of touchdown, and dropped passes. Bad play-calling in the redzone on one drive cost us another touchdown. The overall play-calling by Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay was very good. I like his calling the game from the coaches booth instead of being on the sidelines, where can see the entire field.

The Redskins offense achieved almost 500 yards of total offense, which was twice the yardage the Eagles had. The Redskins had 26 first downs to the Eagles 12. Matt Jones gets a “game ball” from me for his 135 rushing day. Total rushing yards was about 230 and helped win the game with a balanced attack. I would also give game balls to Jamison Crowder, Ryan Kerrigan, Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff. Of note, the Redskins offensive line did a very good job versus the Eagles.

My grade for the Offense is a “B”, and I will give an “A” to the Defense,while Special teams gets a “C+”. Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry called a great game. I liked the attacking front 7 along with man coverage on the Eagles receivers. It was also obvious Philadelphia stayed away from throwing in Josh Norman’s direction.

Our Redskins are playing much better, with still room for improvement. I do expect the Redskins to win its 5th straight game versus the Detroit Lions next week. I had predicted our Redskins to be 6-2 at the Bye Week, half way through the 2016 season.

When our Washington Redskins play up to their potential, no team in the NFL can beat them. With our corps of wide receivers and tight ends, a much improved O-line and a good quarterback like Kirk Cousins, I honestly believe they should average at least 32 points a game, minimum!


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