The Red Sox have the flu and no one wants to catch their germs

The Boston Red Sox have been enduring an outbreak of the flu on their team, and no one has been safe. According to, at least nine players have become ill over the past week. And it hasn’t been limited to players, either. Red Sox play-by-play announcer Dave O’Brien had to stop broadcasting midway through Saturday’s game because he was sick.

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After the flu had ravaged their team for nearly a week, clubhouse officials decided they were done letting this flu bug run their team. So while the team was away playing the Detroit Tigers over the weekend, the entire clubhouse was fumigated and disinfected. They set off foggers with flu-killing gas and had all of the common areas disinfected.

They went through that cleaning process several times while the players were away, and that’s because clubhouses can become germ farms, with players in various states of dress and cleanliness tossing their dirty clothes and used equipment around. “Clubhouse” is a nice way to refer to these big team areas, but they’re essentially locker rooms. And with all the players using this one locker room it’s not hard to imagine how the flu got around.

Boston Red Sox's Mitch Moreland, left, and Chris Sale sit on the bench against the Detroit Tigers in the seventh inning of a baseball game in Detroit, Monday, April 10, 2017. Detroit won 2-1. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
The Red Sox are enduring an outbreak of the flu, and no one is safe. (AP)

The Minnesota Twins have seen what’s been going on with the Red Sox, and of course they don’t want their team to fall victim to the Red Sox Flu. They’re starting a series against the Tigers on Tuesday, and that means they’d be the next ones to use the visiting clubhouse at Comerica Park. The same visiting clubhouse the flu-riddled Red Sox just vacated. So they asked that the Tigers take a few precautions.

Hopefully the multiple fumigations and deep cleanings will stop the Red Sox Flu from spreading to any other teams. But the Red Sox themselves are still struggling with it.

Get better, boys!

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