Read the fine print: No island for new 40-yard dash champ John Ross, didn't wear right shoes

Adidas made a heck of an offer before the NFL scouting combine: Anyone breaking Chris Johnson’s record of a 4.24-second 40-yard dash would get his own island valued at just under a million dollars.

Washington receiver John Ross amazed everyone by running a 4.22 40-yard dash on Saturday, breaking Johnson’s record, but there was a catch on the whole island thing. He had to be wearing Adidas shoes to get the prize. Ross wore Nikes. Sad trombone.

Well Gil, someone does care, and that’s whoever at Adidas was going to be paying for that island. Ross ran once, said he was done for the day, so he didn’t have a chance to borrow some Adidas shoes Calvin Johnson style to try for the island.

It turns out well for everyone. Adidas got a lot of advertising and didn’t have to pay off on its offer. Nike got some great advertising too, because if it wasn’t for Adidas’ offer nobody would have even noticed that Ross wore Nikes (pretty ironic, Adidas marketing folks), and Nike took advantage of it.

And Ross might not get an island, but he probably made himself a few bucks by running the fastest official time in combine history.

And after the draft, maybe he can just buy the island himself. Or just be known as the guy who could have had an island with the right footwear.

John Ross broke the official NFL combine record for the 40-yard dash. (AP)
John Ross broke the official NFL combine record for the 40-yard dash. (AP)

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