Rats and Romance Gone Loose on 'Good Luck Charlie' [Exclusive Video]

Rachel Poletick
Yahoo! TV

When PJ Duncan from "Good Luck Charlie" is asked to do anything responsible, there's no doubt that trouble is on the horizon. That is, until newcomer Beau, played by guest star Luke Benward, comes to the rescue.

In this exclusive clip of the upcoming episode "Rat-A-Teddy," PJ is pet-sitting a rat named Peanut Butter and, of course, Peanut Butter escapes from his cage and crashes Teddy's sleepover. Bob's handsome young exterminator-in-training, Beau, suggests they use peanut butter (get it? the rat's name is Peanut Butter!) to lure the rodent to show itself.

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And it works! The rat is rescued, but the problems certainly don't end there.

When Peanut Butter has been safely removed, Teddy returns to her friends, only to lock eyes with Beau in a romantic kind of way — much to the excitement of Teddy's friends. Oooh!

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But the question remains, what will Bob think of his daughter's new love interest?

To find out what happens between Beau and Teddy and whether their love is a forbidden one, tune in to "Good Luck Charlie" on Sunday, 6/23 at 8 PM on the Disney Channel.

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