Ranveer Singh: I don't drink and so I have never drunk-dialed an ex!

Be it his eccentric dressing sense or his flirtatious nature, Ranveer Singh has always remained unabashed about his personality. The Bajirao Mastani actor has never ever shied away from sharing his even the weirdest experiences.

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In an interview with a leading daily, Ranveer was asked that has he ever drunk-dialed an ex? Well, the answer to the query was simple - “I don’t drink, and so I have never drunk-dialed an ex! I drink coffee.”

Ranveer also shared one more experience and it was an encounter with a fan. He said, “I was once at a five-star hotel and I was taking a piss in the stall and this guy was taking a high definition video of me taking a piss! I turned around and almost punched him in the face; I was like Dude what are you doing!”

Isn’t that hilarious? What do you think?