Rankings: McNair's Texans finally having some fun

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The eyes of Texans owner Bob McNair were upon him, and at that tenuous, franchise-defining moment, Rick Smith was probably grateful that looks couldn't kill.

Up in the visiting owners' box at Paul Brown Stadium last Sunday afternoon, Houston's sixth-year general manager had attempted to break the tension as the final moments of the Texans' pivotal game against the Bengals played out. With 12 seconds left on the scoreboard and a timeout called, McNair's team was staring at a first-and-goal, 6 yards away from a touchdown that could end a decade's worth of frustration – and the owner and his wife, Janice, were too nervous to speak.

Smith, sitting a row in front of the McNairs, looked back and exclaimed, "You guys have to admit, this is fun!"

At that point, Smith got a double dose of Stare McNair. Nobody in the box so much as managed a smile.

"Nope," Smith recalled Sunday night. "Of course they didn't! [Bob McNair] was cool. I was really talking to Janice, trying to give her some comfort. They have put so much into this and deserve to win."

People are supposed to say nice things about their bosses, but in this particular case, Smith spoke the truth. When unheralded rookie T.J. Yates threw a touchdown pass to Kevin Walter with two seconds remaining and Neil Rackers converted the extra point for a 20-19 victory, the McNairs' heartfelt hugfest resonated with numerous people throughout the NFL.

A few minutes later, the Titans' dramatic comeback effort against the Saints fell short, setting off an even wilder celebration in the visitors' locker room in Cincinnati: Houston (10-3) had clinched its first AFC South title and postseason appearance, validating the efforts of an owner who has consistently done things the right way.

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Since entering the league in 2002, McNair has aggressively worked to build a consistent winner without being overbearing or meddlesome. He has run a first-class operation, supported his employees and spent large amounts of cash for the cause. At the league level, he is regarded as an unselfish problem-solver who cares about the NFL as an entity as well as what's best for the Texans.

Though he didn't get the on-field success he sought, McNair refrained from taking shortcuts or deviating from the plan. Most recently, he resisted outside pressure to part ways with Smith and coach Gary Kubiak after a disappointing 2010 campaign, in what proved to be one of the best non-moves of the offseason.

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I'm not sure whether the Texans will earn home-field advantage throughout the playoffs or a first-round bye, but the mere fact that they'll host at least one playoff game at Reliant Stadium is a glorious moment for the organization and its fan base. And though Houston has been ravaged by injuries to key players and is down to its third-string quarterback, there could be some gravy in the works, too. The Texans are much better than people realize, with a deceptively good defense, a punishing running attack and perhaps football's best offensive line.

Smith has been telling me how good his team is for about a month now, and as Sunday's heart-stopping comeback played out, he reminded his bosses to take pleasure in the solid state of the franchise.

"I was just telling them to enjoy what was happening," Smith recalls, "because it is special."

And though I am fond of saying that I have 32 babies and love them equally, I was especially proud of the Texans on Sunday and have no qualms about putting them in the upper quadrant of this week's query-filled trip down the NFL pecking order:


1. Green Bay Packers: Will Greg Jennings be OK for the playoffs – and, if not, why do I get the feeling that Randall Cobb will blossom into a star at the optimal time?

Greg Jennings was carted off during Sunday's win.
(AP Photo)

2. Baltimore Ravens: Will Ray Lewis return to the lineup Sunday night upon revisiting the site of one of his greatest plays?

3. San Francisco 49ers: With 18 sacks allowed the past three games, will the Niners' embattled offensive line get abused by the Steelers on Monday night?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Will Ben Roethlisberger take more shots to his sprained left ankle during Monday's game or before the game?

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5. New England Patriots: Yo, Bill O'Brien – grandstand much?

6. New Orleans Saints: If Malcolm Jenkins "can't wait" to become known as a dirty player, should he prepare for the role by scarfing down some debris sandwiches at Mother's?

7. Houston Texans: If Mike Brisiel teamed with former Rams star Jack Youngblood in a three-legged race, would they be unbeatable?

Tim Tebow's Broncos have won six straight games.
(Getty Images)

8. Denver Broncos: Why do I get the feeling that, in a private moment, Tim Tebow's pastor would be rendered powerless by Tom Brady's wife?

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9. Atlanta Falcons: Is Jacquizz The Shiz?

10. Detroit Lions: Does Tebow's pastor attribute the Lions' game-saving goal-line stand to Satan?

11. New York Giants: Is Jason Pierre-Paul the first NFL standout to have three first names?

12. Dallas Cowboys: Should Miles Austin emulate fired coaches Tony Sparano and Mike Singletary – and improve his prospects of catching game-clinching passes – by wearing shades during indoor and night games?

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13. Oakland Raiders: Why do I get the feeling the Raiders have at least one victory in their near future – and will an out-of-court settlement of 50,000 burgers, fries and shakes be offered?

14. New York Jets: Will the Jets play better in their first game without Jim Leonhard on Sunday than they did a year ago?

15. Tennessee Titans: If Jake Locker were to take Tebow's place in the Broncos' current offensive scheme, doesn't it seem like he'd rush for 100 yards a game?

16. Chicago Bears: If Lovie Smith conducts a padded practice this week, why do I get the feeling that Brian Urlacher will find a way to lay out Marion Barber?

Andy Dalton has been sacked four times and thrown just 2 TD passes the past 2 weeks.
(Getty Images)

17. Cincinnati Bengals: Is Andy Dalton the third-best rookie quarterback of 2011, behind Cam Newton and T.J. Yates?

18. Arizona Cardinals: How ridiculously good is Larry Fitzgerald, and has anyone in NFL history (R.C. Owens? Lance Alworth?) ever been better at going up and getting the ball while maintaining body control?

19. Philadelphia Eagles: When Michael Vick plays the way he did in Miami on Sunday, doesn't my case for keeping Andy Reid seem that much stronger?

20. San Diego Chargers: Could the Chargers save the jobs of A.J. Smith and Norv Turner by winning out – and, if so, how many San Diego fans will be rooting for them to lose out?

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21. Washington Redskins: With captains like DeAngelo Hall and Trent Williams, is it any wonder this ship is sinking?

22. Seattle Seahawks: When will Skittles unveil its "Beast Mode" flavor pack?

23. Miami Dolphins: Yo, Stephen Ross: Is the "Young Don Shula" the "Old Bill Cowher" – and, if so, does that whole we're keeping Jeff Ireland thing fall by the wayside?

24. Carolina Panthers: Is it a promising sign that the Panthers have led in 12 of 13 games this season – or simply a signal that a major defensive overhaul is needed?

Steve Smith's Panthers were up 23-7 before falling to the Falcons.
(AP Photo)

25. Cleveland Browns: Unless and until an independent neurologist is required at NFL stadiums to assess possible head trauma, can we at least get Colt McCoy's father a sideline pass for Browns games?

26. Kansas City Chiefs: Which general manager was more jubilant during Sunday's blowout defeat to the Jets – Mike Tannenbaum or Scott Pioli?

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27. Buffalo Bills: Has anyone told Vincent Gallo not to point the knife at Ryan Fitzpatrick?

28. Jacksonville Jaguars: When they put up 41 points in the final three quarters against the Bucs last Sunday, did they use up their allotment for the rest of the season?

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Does Raheem Morris realize that his bosses' last names begin with a 'G' or is he saying he only cares about criticism from people like profootballtalk.com's Gregg Rosenthal and former California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman?

Joe Webb scored a TD and threw one in relief Sunday.
(AP Photo)

30. Minnesota Vikings: Why, exactly, has Christian Ponder – rather than Joe Webb – been ordained as the team's quarterback of the future?

31. St. Louis Rams: Given that the Rams' offense, as St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz put it so adroitly, has gone from the Greatest Show on Turf to the Great Depression, how can Josh McDaniels be mentioned with a straight face as a Chiefs head coaching candidate?

32. Indianapolis Colts: After team president Bill Polian declared that the team "was getting ready to draft" Yates before the Texans picked him last April, did former Indy coach Jim Mora bust out his classic "coulda, woulda, shoulda" speech?

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