Ranking Real Madrid's 2014-2015 roster

Lucas Navarrete
SB Nation

How would you rank this season's players?

Real Madrid have made some new signings, while others like Alonso and Di María have left the club. It will be interesting to see what the fans think about the roster, so let's rank the players. Votes will be registered, so the rank will update automatically. Is James Rodríguez better than Isco? What about Kroos and Modric? How good is Chicharito in comparison to his new teammates? While it's always difficult to make this comparisons since they all play in different positions, try to think about them in terms of their present level, not their potential—for example, Varane has a brighter potential than Pepe right now, but he's not playing as well—. Click on the thumbs buttons and the table will react!

And finally, let's respect everyone's views!

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