Raiders Summer Preview: Five Questions Entering Camp

Terrance Biggs
Raiders OC
Raiders OC

In every off-season, topics exist that bring a strain upon a fanbase. The Oakland Raiders are no exception. With the franchise emerging from the abyss, expectations raise. Now, the team needs to elevate the level of play to match the standards set by management, media and fans. With that said, here are issues that weigh heavily in the minds of RaiderNation


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  • The 2017 Draft did not involve another edge rusher. As Aldon Smith resides in permanent limbo, the team struggles to fill that role. While Calhoun and Cowser show promise, there needs to be other perimeter rushers. For as unstoppable as Mack can be, doing it alone only wears him down and makes the defense stale.


  • For some odd reason, a cloud of uncertainty surrounds new OC Todd Downing. While we’ve all heard what he says, how much is true. There is impatience with this offense. After over a decade of dismal play, fans expect an aggressive offense. Fans only wish for improved playcalling. In spite of Bill Musgrave, the offense succeeded. How will Downing fare differently?


  • Honestly, the AFC West is a two team race. The Broncos have no quarterback. In addition, the Chargers have Rivers under center. Not sure what’s worse. So, that leaves the Chiefs. Kansas City is worrisome due to the ability to win ugly. During Reid’s latter years in Philly, he coached electric playmakers all over the field. Alex Smith, aka Captain Checkdown runs the show now. Yet, these Chiefs teams play better together than those later Eagles versions. How can the Raiders win?


  • Is this the year that Seth Roberts costs the Raiders a crucial game? That is to say, will his drops carry over into 2017? Roberts broke the common football rule. “If the ball touches your hands, you’ve got to catch it” By all means, grab one when it counts. Although we appreciate his back story, Roberts is here now. Time to tighten that up.


  • How awful will the referees officiate this season? All things considered, Khalil Mack should’ve snared another 4-5 sacks in 2016. Offensive lineman routinely held him. Off the top of my head, more than a half-dozen no calls happened. Then again, if the league cannot figure out what a catch is, how will they call a blatant hold?



In essence, the 2017 campaign is less than four months from kickoff. The Raiders, through a strong camp will solve these problems. As a result, this camp may be the most important since 2001.




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