Raiders don't blame Ravens for late fake

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It seemed to be the ultimate rub-it-in indignity.
Already leading by 24 points as the third quarter was winding down, the Baltimore Ravens lined up for a chip-shot field goal on one of the few times the Raiders defense managed to get off the field on third down.
Holder Sam Koch, however, took the snap from center, then veered to his left, and ran into the end zone for a touchdown that caught the Raiders special teams unit flat-footed and unprepared.
Kind of like the Raiders played most of the afternoon in a 55-20 loss to the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.
But if the Raiders were angry about Ravens coach John Harbaugh running up the score, they did a good job hiding it after the game, realizing they have myriad problems to deal with at 3-6 in the AFC West.
Coach Dennis Allen and Harbaugh had a brief, routine post-game exchange and Raiders players held their tongues.
"Nothing surprised me," Allen said. "Our job was to stop them, and we have to stop them."
Raiders cornerback Michael Huff, who had his issues attempting to cover Torrey Smith on a 47-yard touchdown pass, said, "We're all grown men. If they run it, we've got to stop it."
Defensive lineman Tommy Kelly asked a reporter if he would have run a fake "up 40-something in the third quarter," referring to the 41-17 score at the time. When the response was negative, he said, "OK, but at the end of the day, we've got to stop it. That's all that matters."
Harbaugh explained the Ravens had worked on the play all week and would run it if the Raiders were in a specific alignment.
"The thinking was it was an overload look," Harbaugh said. "They've got eight guys on one side of the formation, and if it's inside the 10-yard line and they give you that formation, then we're going to take it."
Koch was so happy -- and surprised -- to have scored he didn't have time to see if the Raiders were angry.
"I was too busy doing high-fives and spiking the ball," Koch said.

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