Quotables: Chris Johnson calls some of his former coordinators 'predictable'

James Brady
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Chris Johnson called out a few of his former offensive coordinators, Adrian Peterson says Teddy Brigewater's resiliency is being tested and more from Thursday in the NFL.

"When I was in Tennessee, a lot of the plays when the offensive coordinator was calling them, they were predictable."

-Chris Johnson, New York Jets

New York Jets running back Chris Johnson is feeling optimistic about his new team despite some struggles with his former team, the Tennessee Titans. The 28-year-old says, for the most part, he wasn't put "in the right situations" by his offensive coordinators in Tennessee, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN.

Johnson said that a lot of the plays called by the offensive coordinator were "predictable." He said that everybody "could tell what was coming," but that isn't the case with his current offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg. Johnson went on to say that Mornhinweg is the smartest coordinator he's had since 2010, when he played under Mike Heimerdinger. Johnson notably rushed for over 2,000 yards under Heimerdinger.

"There could be a concern, but that's how you find out if a guy is resilient or not."

-Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson thinks there could be "a concern" regarding rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and his blossoming tendency to throw interceptions in practice. Head coach Mike Zimmer insisted that Bridgewater was fine after throwing three picks on Monday, but the rookie threw two more on Wednesday, as reported by Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.

Peterson did say that this kind of situation is "how you find out if a guy is resilient or not." If Bridgewater responds by doubling his effort and continuing on despite the poor throws, then the Vikings will feel a lot better about what's happened. Giving up amid struggles is the worst trait you can have in a quarterback. It's looking more and more likely that Matt Cassel will begin the season as the starter, with Bridgewater potentially coming on in the event that Cassel struggles.

"For me, it was how mentally strong he was and his potential I saw."

-Eric Decker on Geno Smith, New York Jets

New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker says that looking up interviews of Geno Smith on Google and YouTube helped convince him to sign with the team as a free agent this past offseason, according to Brian Costello of the New York Post. Decker was one of the top free agent receivers on the market.

Decker said that he was "impressed by the games I watched of Geno," but that he needed to look up interviews to see "who he was as a person more than just the physical skill on the field." He went on to note that everyone "goes through bumps," but that Smith is "mentally strong." Decker signed a five-year, $35.25 million contract on the free agent market and will provide Smith with a reliable target for some time.

"He's going to say whatever he can about the quarterback he is with."

-Ben Roethlisberger on Emmanuel Sanders, Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger responded to some comments made by Emmanuel Sanders regarding him and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Sanders told the media that Manning is the best leader he's ever been around, which isn't necessarily a direct insult to Roethlisberger. But Roethlisberger is considered among the NFL's elite quarterbacks and has been around for some time, so the statement did carry some weight.

Roethlisberger said that Sanders is "going to say whatever he can about the quarterback he is with," implying there is no bad blood. He did say that he was "disappointed he didn't reach out" to him, and that he would have been fine with it if Sanders did as much.

"I think it's a little overblown as to who the starter is going to be."

-Mike Pettine, Cleveland Browns head coach

Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine announced on Thursday that Brian Hoyer would be starting the team's second preseason game on Monday against the Washington football team. Pettine said that the Browns are "comfortable" with Hoyer starting, according to CBS Sports. Hoyer is currently battling with rookie Johnny Manziel for the starting job. Neither quarterback appeared to gain any footing through one preseason game.

Interestingly enough, Pettine went on to say that it's "a little overblown as to who the starter is going to be." Keep in mind he's referring to the preseason game and not overall -- it's obviously a big deal in the end -- but the team still plans to give Manziel work with the starters, and that's really what matters. Hoyer may have the edge right now, but this isn't an indication of him having an large lead in the competition.

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