Quinn still looked at favorably

Jason Cole
Yahoo! Sports

Reports of Brady Quinn's devaluation appear to have been premature.

According to two high-ranking NFL team sources, the former Notre Dame quarterback could be among the top three picks in next month's NFL draft. Quinn is expected to meet with the Cleveland Browns in the next week, agent Tom Condon said Monday.

The Browns have the No. 3 overall pick, and Cleveland's Randy Lerner was one of two owners who attended Quinn's workout at Notre Dame on March 4. Minnesota owner Zygi Wilf, whose team has the No. 7 overall pick, also was in attendance and the Vikings interviewed Quinn after the workout.

Quinn not only impressed NFL coaches and scouts at his workout but also has impressed teams with the seriousness with which he has taken the process.

"The kid is in unbelievable shape and he's really focused," a source said. "The question between him and [LSU quarterback JaMarcus] Russell is going to be a matter of what teams like more. Do you want a guy who can throw the ball all over the field and is the bigger, strong guy? If so, you take Russell. If you want the guy who is better prepped to play now, you take Quinn.

"Quinn is in shape, he's a good athlete and he's bright. He knows how to handle a tough coach. He's going to be fine."

The scout then scoffed at the criticism that Quinn didn't win big games at Notre Dame as a senior. Quinn, 0-3 in career bowl games, ended his career with a 41-14 loss to LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

"The kid did his part. He played very well. Was he great every time? No, but nobody is. The fact is that Notre Dame didn't have nearly the talent that a bunch of other teams had."

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