Quick Count: Purdue spring football Day 10

Kyle Charters, GoldandBlack.com staff
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Purdue is two-thirds the way through its spring schedule, after its 10th practice on Wednesday.

Following is a brief look at the highlights of the two-plus-hour session:

• Defensive end Tim Faison is back with the Purdue program, a surprise considering it had been indicated previously that there would be virtually no chance at a return.

Jeff Brohm offered a little more than a no comment when Faison was absent at the start of the spring, and didn't say much more on Wednesday. After confirming that the sophomore was indeed back, Brohm was asked for more information on the reason for the return.

"It was something to do on campus, that's all I can say," the first-year coach said. "I stay out of that, so he's back now."

• Safety Jacob Thieneman, who his left hand heavily wrapped after surgery, was back at practice on Wednesday, getting receptions in individual drills and on a limited basis in team. Injured running back Brandon Lankford-Johnson (hamstring) also took a step forward, dressing for individuals before changing to street clothes to work out on the side.

• Defensive tackle Eddy Wilson was asked to leave practice after what Brohm described as "a little bit of extracurricular activities that stepped over the line."

"He fights and battles, but sometimes in the heat of it, you can cross the line slightly and he did that. Sometimes, you want to make sure guys understand that, 'Hey, that can happen some, but when it comes to a game, it has to be between the whistles and it has to be clean.' Because not only could you get thrown out for a full game, but sometimes if it's over the line, you can get thrown out of the year. We want to make sure we understand that, but he'll be back (Friday)."


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