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Padres left fielder Carlos Quentin withdrew his appeal of an eight-game suspension Sunday, reducing the chances of more hostilities between the Padres and Dodgers when they meet in a three-game series at Dodger Stadium April 15-17.
Quentin's eight-game suspension from Major League Baseball stemmed from last Thursday's double, bench-clearing brawl involving the Dodgers and Padres at Petco Park in San Diego. After the game, there was another confrontation between Quentin and Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp as the players were leaving Petco Park through the same exit.
It all began when Dodgers ace right-hander Zack Greinke hit Quentin with a full-count pitch while the slugger was leading off the sixth inning with the Padres trailing by a run. Quentin stepped to the front of the plate, paused and charged Greinke after he said the pitcher screamed an expletive.
In the ensuing melee, Greinke suffered a broken collarbone and will miss eight weeks.
Quentin said there "bad blood" between Greinke and him stemming from Quentin being hit in two other incidents in 2008 and 2009 when Quentin was with the Chicago White Sox and Greinke was with the Kansas City Royals. Greinke has denied the charge.
"I've had time to have dialogue with Major League Baseball and a chance for the players association to protect me and my rights as a player," Quentin said Sunday about why he was dropping his appeal. "When that time passed, I've prepared to serve my suspension."
Asked if he or the Padres had been given any indication from Major League Baseball of a possible reduction in the number of games to be served, Quentin said, "Right now it's at eight."
The overall concern among the Padres and Dodgers -- the latter of whom had planned to beef up security for the Padres' visit for a three-game series that starts Monday in Los Angeles -- was that there would be repercussions in Los Angeles.
"There's been many different ideas, thoughts and concerns out there," said Quentin. "I can say this as far as the Dodgers series. Obviously I will miss the upcoming one. But I will be a part of the rest."
Quentin said he "would like" the suspension to be the last chapter in whatever issues exist between him and Greinke, who's hit Quentin thrice with pitches over their careers.
"It's very difficult," said Quentin. "It's unfortunate that somebody got hurt in this circumstance. But I do believe I did what I had to do. I had to protect myself. I will stand by that statement and begin my suspension. ... I've been truthful about my situation with Greinke. I wish he would be."
"Major League Baseball is very aware of the situation," a source in the league office said Saturday. "I think everyone would like to see a little time between the incident and Quentin's next appearance at Dodger Stadium."
Since the incident, anti-Quentin sentiment has run high with Dodger fans in social media.
After Wednesday night, the Padres won't play a game at Dodger Stadium until a three-game series June 3-5. Their last three-game trip to Los Angeles will be Aug. 30-Sept. 1.

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