QG Reapers reveal 2017 LPL Spring starting roster

Doinb is the starting mid laner for QG Reapers (IEM)
Doinb is the starting mid laner for QG Reapers (IEM)

QG Reapers, newly rebranded from Newbee Young, have revealed their initial starting roster for the 2017 Spring split.

Since the addition of Hu “Cloud” Zhenwei, QG Reapers have made only minor changes to their roster for the 2017 Spring split. The roster for the first week of LPL Spring is as follows:

  • Head Coach: Cui “BanBazi” Mingyuan

  • Tactical Coach: Cui “Cammly” Yuanhao

  • Top: Chen “Chen” Zhe (formerly known as Cherish)

  • Top: Kim “Khan” Dongha

  • Top: Kan “Kabe” Homan

  • Jungle: Chang “xinyi” Ping

  • Jungle: Kim “Clid” Taemin

  • Mid: Kim “Doinb” Taesang

  • ADC: Wang “Alone” Zijun

  • ADC: Tang “Candyseven” Xin

  • Support: Liu “AhrI” Xudong

  • Support: Hu “Cloud” Zhenwei

Chen, former LSPL mid laner, transitioned to top lane to accommodate the team. Khan, formerly known as Hanlabong, returns to QG Reapers after playing briefly for Korean team, Seoul. Kabe has joined QG Reapers following his time on Legend Dragon as both an AD carry and a top laner.

xinyi is also a former player from Legend Dragon, who served primarily as the team’s substitute jungler. Clid played for the 2016 LPL Summer QG Reapers roster, when they were known as Newbee Young, and achieved Rank 2 on the Korean ladder.

Doinb is an original member of QG Reapers before they were purchased by Newbee. He was kicked from Newbee Gaming after a public fallout with jungler Baek “Swift” Dahoon and then qualified with Newbee Young for the LPL again.

Alone played with Newbee Young to qualify for the LPL as well and has been a member of multiple LSPL teams. Candyseven was formerly known as Candy, and he was an accomplished Kalista player for the 2015 LPL team Masters3.

AhrI played for WE Academy only to leave the squad after they qualified for the LPL in 2014. He recently joined Newbee Young and played with the team to qualify for the LPL. Cloud is QG Reapers’ newest member. He joined the team after a period of retirement, but played at the 2014 World Championship with Oh My God.

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