Q&A with UK quarterback commitment Jarren Williams

Justin Rowland, Publisher

CatsIllustrated.com spoke with Class of 2018 Kentucky quarterback commitment Jarren Williams on Saturday, one day after he took a visit to Lexington. It was his last college visit of the spring.

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CatsIllustrated.com: You've taken a lot of trips lately. How tired are you?

Jarren Williams: You have no idea. I'm so tired. It feels so good getting back home. There have been some long trips.

CatsIllustrated.com: What was your schedule like at Kentucky on Friday?

Williams: When I got there the first thing I did was meet with Coach (Mark) Stoops and Coach (Darin) Hinshaw. Then we went over to meet the president (Eli Capilouto) and we talked for a minute. We got to know each other. Then me and Coach Hinshaw went to go eat and then went back to the facilities and got to hang out with some of the players and sit in the meetings.

I was in there with Coach Hinshaw and the quarterbacks and got to hear their pregame thing. I got to sit in the team meeting when Coach (Eddie) Gran was talking to the offense and then they went out onto the field. I kinda watched them run out. It was a good experience. Real fun. I enjoyed it.

CatsIllustrated.com: What was it like meeting the school president?

Williams: I really just got to meet him, talk to him and get to know him a little bit. He's a really good person. He's very genuine. He told me a story about Big George (Asafo-Adjei) and how he used to walk around with him and people would think that was his bodyguard. We got to talk a little bit and got to know each other better. He let us know it's all a big family up there and that was the main thing. He was getting that point across.

CatsIllustrated.com: Talk about the position meeting with Hinshaw and the quarterbacks.

Williams: He was basically just going over the plays they were going to run, getting them to think about all that and getting them prepared, mentally, for the game. In the meeting everybody was excited. They were all happy to be there. It's a good environment. There's no bad blood between anybody. Everybody was cool, so I liked that a lot.

CatsIllustrated.com: How many of the players did you get to talk to up there?

Williams: I got to meet a couple of them. Jordan Jones, I got to meet him. He plays linebacker. I got to meet Blake Bone and a couple other guys. I can't remember all of them off the top of my head. Cash (Tobias) Gilliam. Before they ran out I was in the locker room so I was right there in there with them.

CatsIllustrated.com: So you were there when Gran talked to the offense. What do you think about him?

Williams: He's about business. I like that and his goal is he wants to win. That's what he wants to do. He has that winning mentality and that's what he's pushing for.

CatsIllustrated.com: Is Hinshaw coming by your school anytime soon?

Williams: Yeah, he's coming down May 1st and May 12th.

CatsIllustrated.com: Is Kentucky recruiting many guys from your school or your area?

Williams: From my area, yeah. I told them about (Rivals250 offensive guard) Jalil Irvin, even though he's committed (to Auburn). I was talking to Coach (Derrick) LeBlanc about some cats at South Gwinnett. Some defensive linemen, even though they're committed, too. He just told me to go scope it out.

CatsIllustrated.com: Are you surprised at how much recruiting has blown up? Offers from Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee and so on?

Williams: Yeah, actually I have been. It's a blessing for those coaches to offer me scholarships because of all the hard work I've been putting in. It lets me know my hard work is going to pay off.

CatsIllustrated.com: Recently you told another outlet that you were probably still going to attend some camps this summer. Where does that stand? Do you know where you're going or what exactly you plan to do?

Williams: You know, actually I talked to my parents about that and I don't think we're going to be doing that.

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