Q&A With Offensive Lineman Jake Curhan

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Cal's offensive line is thin at the moment, after the departure of six scholarship linemen from last season. Those changes have led to opportunity for some of the lineman, namely redshirt freshman right tackle Jake Curhan, who has been running with the first team. Curhan, a 6'6" 325 lb. redshirt freshman from nearby Redwood High School in Larkspur, spoke with GoldenBearReport.com after last Friday's practice.

How are you feeling about being at around the mid-way point in spring practice

“Feeling good. Mentally, sitting through last year and getting to travel to some games and watching everything that’s going on, I feel like I’ve built up a good knowledge base right now, and I’m really starting to understand the actual game more in terms of actual playing technique. There’s little inconsistencies, things to clean up, but when I do something well I feel like I’m doing it well. It’s just making sure I do that every time I can.”

On new offensive line coach Steve Greatwood

“Coach Greatwood has been really helpful. It’s a little bit of technique changes here and there. Nothing too drastic. It’s really good coaching points, obviously everyone know coach Greatwood’s been around forever and he’s done a great job at Oregon for the past however many years. Just knowing and having a guy with that experience, you can trust everything he tells you. He is where he is today by doing things right, so that just speaks for him as a coach.”

On changes in his technique

“It’s just trying to get the hands up and inside, into their chest. However you have to do that, go ahead and do it, but the main thing with coach Wood is aiming points and making sure you get your hands and head to the points you’re supposed to and with some power as well.”

On playing in a new scheme, what’s changed and moving around more

“For me personally, and it could be because last year I was still trying to process a lot of what the defense was doing, the communication, I feel like I’m able to communicate more and we’ve got a lot of calls to know what to do for every situation, and it requires different double teams here and there and a lot of moving around, a bunch of different kinds of movements. Knowing what you see with the defense and knowing what technique to use, and all the different techniques for different movements, so a lot of different kinds of mobility there.”

On running with the 1st team and what that has done for his confidence

“At the end of last year, I thought I would be in a position to be competing to run with the ones, because towards the end I was starting to run with the twos in practice, and I think last year, again everything is built on last year for me, just the year redshirting and getting to watch stuff, and I think that also just helped build my confidence. Running with the ones is, right now we’re low on tackles and you have that extra pressure to do well knowing that there aren’t that many of us and we’ve got to do the best we can. It’s the pressure of needing someone at that spot, plus running with the ones you boost yourself up, like ‘okay, I’ve got to be able to fill this spot’. It’s not panic, it’s the idea that the team needs me to be able to fill this position, so I’ve got to be confident and be able to do that and do the best I can.”

Click here for some practice film of the offensive line

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