Q&A Mailbag: April 7th

Trace Travers, Publisher
Golden Bear Report

Cal Football

On Fridays, we run a Q&A Mailbag with questions taken from anywhere they're sent, whether it's through the weekly thread on the message board, through emailing the calrivalsstaff@yahoo.com account, or by sending a question to the CalRivals twitter handle.

With the comeback from a week without practice due to Spring Break, there are a few questions to answer as the first spring under Justin Wilcox goes along.

When are the new unis going to be unveiled?

Cal's deal with Under Armour starts on July 1st, which means the new uniforms will be unveiled around then. There have been rumors based on what was recently released in the Under Armour catalog, but the design seen in there will not be the final one.

Is there any real separation of the QBs yet?

Currently not.

While we do have some practice film of QB work from Wednesday, which you can find in this thread, the QB situation remains fluid for the moment. Justin Wilcox intimated that this might stretch into the fall on Wednesday, where 2017 QB signee Chase Garbers could come into the fray. For now, the open practice tomorrow morning should give a little insight as to who may start to separate themselves.

For what it's worth, Chase Forrest and Ross Bowers took all the team reps during the last open practice, and both were the guys behind Davis Webb a season ago. Between the two of them, they have 18 total in-game passing attempts, all of those coming from Forrest at the beginning of 2015. Forrest had a better showing in the open practice, but there's still a long way to go before anything is decided.

Who are the high priority OL targets? (apropos given Blake McDonald saying UCLA leads)

Highest priority is Tommy Brown, the big offensive tackle out of Mater Dei. Cal's going to need to take linemen, since they lost six scholarship linemen from the 2016 roster and only picked up two in the 2017 recruiting class. Keli'i Montibon, JC lineman from Riverside CC is someone who could come in in the spring. Max Barth and Will Craig are northern California guys that they're taking a look at, as is Brandon Mello. There are more, but those are the most immediate.

Any news on DL development?

Again, worth taking a look at some of the practice film from Tuesday, but the defensive line is coming along. Coach Azzinaro stresses the details with his guys, and in conjunction with Tony Tuioti, they're teaching a bit more technique than before. It's hard to judge the defensive line on their own, since they're looped in with the outside linebackers in a number of drills, but they're coming along. In particular, early enrollee Gabe Cherry is as big as advertised, Tony Mekari has added a bit of speed, and Zeandae Johnson has looked more agile as well.

Any more on Ude?

Russell Ude is one of the players who will probably have benefited most from a staff change in the end. He was bumped from position to position in the 4-3, trying to find a fit as a bit of a tweener, which didn't work out well, as he got bounced down the depth chart. Now, at outside linebacker, Ude may not be completely comfortable, but he looked to be moving better than he had in the past, just based on his performance at the open practice on the 24th. He's certainly got the size to be effective as a 3-4 OLB, and he moved in space surprisingly well for someone who hasn't really done that in his college career. It's just a matter of building confidence continually moving forward for him.

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