Q&A With IU Junior Running Back Mike Majette

Sam Beishuizen, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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Mike Majette has been a steady piece in IU's offense, when healthy, over the past two seasons and is eying an even more productive year as a junior running back in 2017.

As a sophomore, Majette appeared in the first eight games before a season-ending leg injruy. He rushed for 180 yards on 38 carries (4.6 average) and caught seven passes for 87 yards before shutting down for the season.

With Devine Redding heading for the NFL, Majette is one of a few players competing for the starting job this spring. TheHoosier.com caught up with Majette to touch on the changes surrounding the program and his own game after a second week of spring camp.

Q: You guys have Mike Hart replacing Deland McCullough as the coach in your room now. How has that transition been?

A: It's been an easy transition. He's teaching us things and we've been teaching him things. Sometimes we've got to meet halfway or something where he'll be saying something one way that we call something else or the other way around.

But he's been taking it easy and we're mixing what he's doing with what we're doing and coming up with our own thing. It's been real easy. He's helping us, teaching us. He's been real patient with us. It's been an easy transition, and he's doing an excellent job in coping with us.

Q: You've had three NFL running backs come out of Indiana over the last three years now. Who's taking charge in the room?

A: It's really hard to say. We're all coming in every day and working hard. We're all busting big plays. We're all in the room studying together. It really is hard to tell. We probably won't know until spring camp.

Q: How do you guys go about resetting expectations now with a new-look room?

A: We've always had a high standard, and that's nothing new. We've always had a high standard not just for out team but for ourselves. We're going to compete each and every time we touch the ball. So it's not really been that hard to get through that. We've always been competitors, and we're always going to be the ones putting ourselves on that high pedestal.

Q: What do you yourself have to work on this spring to go from complementary back to perhaps a lead back for this team?

A: I have this tendency to run with my head down sometimes. So I have to run with my head up, really. It's just the little things like that, making the right cuts, making the right reads. It all adds up for you when you're going from good to great.

Q: With that in mind, how do you define success in the spring? It's hard to just look at stats and numbers and all that because you obviously don't have a game to play.

A: I'm focused really on working on my legs. I need to get my legs stronger, so just that and my overall body. If I can get that ready, I'll be better off in the season.

Q: Are you starting to feel like a veteran yet? You've been around the block a bit now.

A: It's funny, we've got freshmen coming in this summer and I'm here thinking, 'Man, Cole (Gest) was just a freshman last year.

But then I'm like, 'Hold up, hold up. Wait. I was just a freshman the year before that.' Time really is flying. I'm starting to feel it a little bit, but it's not too bad.

Q: Are your responsibilities changing at all?

A: In a way, I do feel like I've got a bit more work to do, as do the other older guys. We've got to bring things to the table and make sure that everyone around us is able to do their thing and help the group accomplish what it has to do.

Q: Just how good could this running back group be?

A: We can be really, really good. We've got a ton of potential coming back between the guys we'll have out there.

We just want to be explosive.


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