Prosecco is good for your health - this proves it

Pop that prosecco [Photo: Yahoo Style UK/Apple]
Pop that prosecco [Photo: Yahoo Style UK/Apple]

Finally there’s no need to feel any guilt about drinking your favourite tipple because apparently prosecco is filled with incredible health benefits.

According to research conducted by scientists at the University of Reading, drinking the tiny glass of bubbles can in fact lower your blood pressure and reduce your chances of having a stroke by increasing your blood circulation.

The study also claims that all you need to do to reap the health benefits is sip on a glass of prosecco every day.

Researchers found that prosecco actually contains polyphenols (plant chemicals full of antioxidant properties), which get absorbed into the circulation and work their magic on our circulatory system.

“Our research has shown that drinking around two glasses of Champagne can have beneficial effects on the way blood vessels function, in a similar way to that observed with red wine,” Dr Jeremy Spencer, from the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences said.

“We always encourage a responsible approach to alcohol consumption, but the fact that drinking Champagne has the potential to reduce the risks of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke, is very exciting news.”

This in turn could reduce the risk of having a stroke, however the study does state that more research needs to be done to establish the long-term effects of drinking a glass of bubbly a day.

Not only is is good for your health but it’s also good for your soul and Dr Tran Ky wrote in The Healing Power of Champagne that sparkling wine contains natural trace elements of zinc, magnesium, and potassium which spike our mood.

And because it increases our blood flow, a glass or two of prosecco has also been contributed to boosting many people’s sex lives.

What’s not to love?

By Yahoo Style Australia.

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