Practice Notes 4/5

Kelly Quinlan, Publisher
Jackets Online

ATLANTA-- Bad weather rolled through Atlanta on Wednesday keeping the Jackets inside the indoor practice facility for the day, but head coach Paul Johnson said he is pleased with the progress and the Georgia Tech football team nears the midpoint of spring ball.

"Like I was telling our guys today, it is our sixth practice and you are almost halfway through. It moves really fast so you have to take advantage. I've been pleased with the effort and the way guys are flying around trying to practice," Johnson said. "Like always there are a lot of things we need to get better at and fine tune. The effort is there and long as that is the case you have a chance to get better. Have to find some starters in some places and some depth in others."

Johnson said the biggest issue so far is the lack of numbers due to injuries, attrition and graduation thinning out positions like the offensive line and defensive backs for spring ball. Even positions like quarterback that are stacked, you start to see injuries crop up like redshirt freshman Lucas Johnson missing practice on Wednesday.

"You are halfway through and you start to get guys dinged up and depth is always an issues in the spring especially when you are at a place where you don't have a ton of walk-ons


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