Pow! Bang! Splat! Screeeech!: Hear the 'Batman' Theme Song Recreated With Real Bats [Video]


Same bat time, same bat channel, but not the same bat song!

The classic 1960s "Batman" TV show theme song has been recreated … by actual bats!

European artists Ulrich Seidel, Sándor Seuntjens, and Wolter Seuntjens used real bat noises — high-frequency chirps, clicks, and screeches — to produce an eerie version of the iconic song.

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Getting that familiar "na na na na" refrain in bat language wasn't easy, since the flying mammals make noises that are not audible to humans. The team first reduced the frequencies, then assigned the different sounds to keys. Then, on this "Bat-Organ," Seidel played the "Batman" theme.

The original music was written by Neal Hefti in 1966 and is one of the most easily identifiable theme songs in TV history. Once you get it in your head, it's hard to get out (seriously, if you're not "na na na"-ing right now, you're made of stronger stuff than us!).

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Of course, there are plenty of riffs on the theme song on YouTube. Check out a few of our favorites:


Heavy metal version:

Punk rock cover:

With ukulele:

The original, set to "Star Wars" clips:

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