Post-Practice Video & Transcript: QB Coach Marques Tuiasosopo, April 19th

Trace Travers, Publisher
Golden Bear Report

Among the gauntlet of post-practice interviews was quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo, who had a bit to say about the QB competition and what he wants to see from the quarterbacks on Saturday during the spring game. A full transcript is below.

How has the quarterback competition gone this spring?

"I think both Chase and Ross have done a nice job with getting a pretty good understand of our system and what we're asking them to do. They've both flashed and done well. They've both shown times where they need to learn. I'm excited with where they're at. We have a couple more practices left and I'm looking forward to continuing to get them better each day."

Are there specifics you'd like to see from them in the spring game?

"I think as I approach their progress individually, and then collectively as a group, I just want to see consistency. When you play the game of football, you're going to have the chance to throw a deep ball for touchdown, you're going to have the chance to check it down or throw your first progression in an intermediate pass or get us out of a bad run and into a good run. I just want to see the consistency, because that's what it's all about, and I think they flash, like I said earlier, and they've done some really nice things, and I think they need to continue to work hard to be consistent."

Does one do certain things better than the other and vice versa?

"It's funny, they're almost similar but they're also as much different as they are similar in a way, so it's kinda funny, but I'll tell you what, they're both done a nice job of throwing the ball. Ross's ball jumps off, but Chase's quick release and his ability to escape has helped him. I'm very pleased with where they're at and look forward to continuing to push it here this last week and through the summer program."

Does one take more risks and is one more careful?

"I think at times you could say that about both of them, and then the next week they flip, and I think that's all part of learning a new system and for them really getting a lot of reps for the first time in their career where they've watched guys like Goff and Davis Webb take the majority of the reps. Now they're in those guys' shoes, and so they get to feel it on the every day basis. They're learning, the one thing I really like about both of them is that they are gung-ho about getting in and studying film themselves. They're in there watching film by themselves after each practice, and we don't have to push them to do that, and that's a great sign."

Are you guys still using the VR equipment?

"Yeah, we have it and we utilize it a little bit of it. We probably will utilize it a bit more in May when they can do it on their own, but right now we're really just focusing on getting our installs in and getting the terminology and the comfort level there with everything, so we haven't used that as much as we will in the future."

How much of a jump have they made in comfort level?

"I think it's natural that they're a lot more comfortable here twelve practices later, and I'm happy with where they're at."

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