Porsche LMP1 Preps for Le Mans

Jeff Perez

Teeing up for a return to the famed Le Mans racing series, Porsche has released a few teaser shots regarding its LMP1 race car during testing. Considering this is the team’s first return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 2009, they’ve been hoping heavily it will be able to compete with the Audi and Toyota LMP1 Prototypes alike.

So far- other than a hybrid powertrain- Porsche hasn’t given us any details as to what will power this racing machine. In fact, no one’s entirely certain what it will officially be called or who will lend their sponsorship to the team.

Porsche LMP1 2

So for now, we’re waiting for Porsche to drop some more details on what to expect, in the meantime, you can enjoy this blast from the past as Porsche’s 917 takes to Le Mans back in 1971.

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