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The amount of time the average baseball fan spends thinking about their fantasy team would likely terrify you. Trust us, we’re speaking from experience. While your other league-mates are busy watching those other sports, you’re creating 19 different spreadsheets, setting up Twitter alerts for every minor-league club and mapping out astrology projections to figure out how Scorpios will perform in April.

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It’s a bit excessive, sure, but it’s worth it. Winning your fantasy league not only fills your pockets (with gummy bears), but it also provides bragging rights over your friends and family. You can’t put a price on that!

We here at The Stew want you to experience that joy, so we asked Roto Arcade‘s Scott Pianowski to come on the StewPod and share his tips for the 2017 season. Scott is in roughly 12 to 13 leagues this year, so he’s more than qualified to dole out some knowledge.

So put in your headphones, pull up your Yahoo Fantasy baseball league and start taking notes. And if you’re not signed up, what are you waiting for? There’s still time to get a league together.

With any luck, you’ll take advantage of that advice and put your league members to shame. When that happens, think of us fondly. Oh, and feel free to send us some of those gummy bears as well. We prefer the green ones.

A down year at the plate hasn’t impacted Bryce Harper’s draft stock too much. (AP Photo)
A down year at the plate hasn’t impacted Bryce Harper’s draft stock too much. (AP Photo)

Here’s the full rundown of this week’s show:

• Intro
• General draft strategies. What do you do early? What positions can you wait on?
• Is position scarcity a valid strategy or do you go best player available?
• Should owners have a “Do Not Draft” list?
• Do sleepers even exist anymore?
• Let’s talk specific players. How is Scott handling some of fantasy’s most polarizing guys?
• Should you take the plunge on Matt Harvey? Was Jean Segura for real?
• Who are your favorite fantasy lottery tickets?

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