Players offer proposal to NHL

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The NHL Players' Association presented an economic proposal in collective bargaining Wednesday morning during a meeting with the league's negotiating committee in New York.
Donald Fehr, executive director of the players' association, called the offer about as good as the union could do, according to several reports.
"It's an effort about as much as we can do," Fehr said after the meeting.
The proposal was based on a percentage that factors in the lockout instaed of a fixed dollar amount. According to the reports, Fehr said the sides remain $182 million apart on a five-year deal. Among the sticking points are splitting revenue and player contracts.
The NHL and NHLPA have gone without a new collective-bargain agreement since Sept. 16 when the lockout began. The league has canceled 327 regular-season games through Dec. 1 and soon may announce more cancellations if the 67-day stalemate continues.
Talks were scheduled to continue Wednesday afternoon.

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