Piotr Hallman Says UFC Brazil Drug Testing was Unprofessional; Commission Responds

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Piotr Hallman Says UFC Brazil Drug Testing was Unprofessional; Commission Responds
Piotr Hallman Says UFC Brazil Drug Testing was Unprofessional; Commission Responds

The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) recently announced that Piotr Hallman has tested positive for steroids following his UFC Fight Night 51 loss to Gleison Tibau. The failed drug test cost him $50,000 that he was to be awarded for being part of the Fight of the Night.

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A few days later, Hallman spoke to BloodyElbow.com, calling CABMMA’s handling of the drug testing process unprofessional and concerning.

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“I’m very angry that something like this came up especially the way they handled the whole testing in Brazil was far from being professional,” said Hallman. “It was clear that the procedure was unreliable and strange to say the least and this should be a big concern for fighters and the UFC.

“I hope that there is a way to appeal this as my career is now in serious danger and my name has been tainted. I believe that the whole testing procedure is unreliable and this could be a serious matter for future events that will be held in Brazil.”

Hallman’s public comments led CABMMA to respond. CABMMA noted that every fighter on the card submitted urine samples prior to the event, and four fighters, including Hallman, were selected to do post fight testing via blood samples.

CABMMA Director of Operations Cristiano Sampaio defended the commission’s findings, saying Hallman’s urine sample tested positive for Drostanolone, and that it was processed by the World Anti-Doping Agency accredited UCLA Olympic Lab.

“The anabolic agent drostanolone was found in Mr. Piotr Hallman´s urine, not blood, in the pre-fight exam,” said Sampaio. “His blood test came back negative. For any positive test, the lab has to re-test the same sample to certify the result.”

Like any athlete, Sampaio said that Hallman is entitled to his right an appeal.

“The athlete is entitled to issue an appeal. If it’s regarding the result, he needs to send a formal communication. The commission will send it to the lab and any costs regarding documentation and new test will be entirely the athlete´s responsibility,” said Sampaio.

“If the appeal is regarding the process, he needs to send a formal communication,” he continued. “The commission will send to it the Brazilian Authority of Doping Control (ABCD) so they can issue and official report.

“But if the appeal is regarding the integrity and responsibility of the commission on regulating MMA in Brazil, he needs to send a formal communication to the entity.”

Hallman’s response is the second claim in recent weeks that the drug testing process was unreliable. Cung Le called the procedures used for his drug test in Macao into question after he tested positive for elevated levels of human growth hormone.

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Le has since indicated that he and his camp will appeal is drug test and subsequent suspension.

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