Philbin responds to '12 Incognito incident

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Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin confirmed Saturday that suspended offensive guard Richie Incognito was investigated last year for allegedly harassing a female volunteer at the team's annual golf tournament.
"That incident occurred a year and a half ago," Philbin said Saturday. "We were made aware of the incident and we took immediate action."
However, he would not elaborate on action was taken or whether the NFL was informed about the incident.
Incognito played all 16 games last season and was later voted on the team's leadership counsel by his teammates earlier this year.
No charges were filed against Incognito after the incident, which took place in Aventura, Fla.
WPLG, Miami's ABC television affiliate, reported that the woman claimed Incognito had been drinking alcohol and acting inappropriately. He allegedly approached her and rubbed his golf club against her vagina. Then, he rubbed up against her from behind, saying "Let it rain, let it rain," before pouring bottled water on her face.
After notifying her supervisor, who then informed team security about the incident, she claimed nothing was done about it. However, former Dolphins wide receiver Nat Moore apologized to her after he hearing about it.
The woman wanted an apology from Incognito, but did not receive one. The TV station reported that she kept silent about the incident for the past year because of a confidentiality agreement.
Incognito was recently suspended indefinitely in the scandal that involves the bullying of fellow Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who left the team last week and is with his family in California where he has had counseling for emotional issues.
The alleged bullying centers around hazing that Martin faced from teammates his 2012 rookie season that carried over into this year.
A source told that Incognito feels "shocked" and "betrayed" by teammate Jonathan Martin's claims and believed the two were friends.
The league is investigating the Dolphins while Martin and Incognito are away from the team.
"It's probably a combination of totally blindsided and a bit betrayed," the source said of Incognito. "He's shocked. He can't believe this happened and thinks it probably could have been avoided."
Incognito reportedly viewed himself as a "tough-love older brother" to Martin. Incognito was rough on Martin but was also protective of him, the source said.
Incognito reportedly used racial slurs and profanity directed at Martin several times, including in voicemails and text messages.
"Hey, wassup, you half (racial slur) piece of (expletive)," Incognito said on an April voicemail to Martin. "I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. I'll (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm gonna slap your (expletive) mouth, I'm gonna slap your real mother across the face (laughter). (Expletive) you, you're still a rookie. I'll kill you."
While Incognito's teammates have expressed public support for him, others around the league have not. polled 72 NFL players this week, in part to gauge their opinions of Incognito and Martin.
When asked which of the two players they would rather have as a teammate, 15 respondents (20.8 percent) preferred Incognito, 34 (47.2 percent) indicated Martin and 23 (31.9 percent) wanted neither.
Overall, the results showed that 57 (79.2 percent) would not want Incognito as a teammate.

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