Phil Mickelson on what course he wants to play: 'I've played them all'

Kyle Porter, Golf Writer
CBS Sports

I first saw this cool story on Geoff Shackelford's blog but ended up reading the entire article on the Boston Globe's website about which golf courses different pros have on their bucket lists. 

Some didn't provide one (Bubba Watson is not a surprise here). Many provided several (Adam Scott is not a surprise here). And one, Phil Mickelson, said there aren't any left for him to conquer.

"I’ve played them all. All the ones I’ve wanted to, anyway."

That's as FIGJAM as it gets (you can Google 'FIGJAM' on your own).

My favorite comment was actually from Justin Rose.

"Once a year we have a boys’ trip, but it’s more focused on beer than golf."

The best golfers on the planet -- they're just like us!

You should read the entire article for some tips on which courses to add to your bucket list and to see which pros want to play which courses. It's pretty great.

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