Michael Phelps: 30 medals in Tokyo? 'I don’t think so'

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Michael Phelps waves after taking silver in the men's 100-meter butterfly Friday evening. (Getty)
Michael Phelps waves after taking silver in the men’s 100-meter butterfly Friday evening. (Getty)

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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Michael Phelps is retiring. Definitely … we think.

Phelps went on Facebook Live for nearly an hour Saturday afternoon to answer some questions, including his future as an international swimmer. Recently, fellow swimming superstar Ryan Lochte fueled the rumors that Phelps’ impending retirement may not be so permanent.

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That was not the message Phelps sent following his Friday night race, and he doubled down on his retirement plans on the live stream a day later.

“Go for 30 medals in Tokyo? I don’t think so, boys and girls,” he said. “This is over. This is it. Tonight’s the last one, and it’s wild to think about. Twenty-four years in the sport and we’re finishing up tonight – one last fire-off.”

Lochte has been right before, though. He claimed that his teammate would miss the sport after London and be back in Rio. That’s precisely what happened, as Phelps grew bored and was back in the pool with Brazil in his sights by 2014.

On Facebook, Phelps said he planned to spend some time traveling following the Games – a similar sentiment to his retirement comments from 2012. This year, with a three-month-old son and his fiancée Nicole Johnson, family is more on the forefront, and the Olympian said he’s ready to spend time with them.

Despite retirement in his future, the 31-year-old smiled as he refuted a commenter’s characterization that Phelps and Lochte were the old guys on the team.

“We’re at a mature age, I like to say.”