Patrice Bergeron Warns Bruins Opponents Not To Chirp Brad Marchand: ‘You Won’t Win’

Zack Cox

Over the course of his eight-year NHL career, Brad Marchand has evolved from fourth-line pest to top-flight scorer.

But even though the Boston Bruins winger now is far more than just an agitator, he still can talk trash with the best of them, as longtime linemate Patrice Bergeron explained Wednesday in a first-person essay on The Players’ Tribune.

“Here’s my best piece of advice for you if you’re thinking of chirping Brad Marchand: don’t,” Bergeron wrote. “Just don’t. You won’t win. Nobody ever wins. A question I’m asked a lot is, ‘Is Marchand a good guy?’ And I can tell you, no lie, that he’s a really, really great guy — if he’s on your team.”

Bergeron shared a few of Marchand’s favorite lines — but noted that many of his best aren’t suitable for print.

As soon as a guy on the other team messes up, Marshy will be right there to skate by him and say, “That’s the best play you’ll make all night. Keep going.” That’s if he’s in a good mood and going easy on the guy.

If there’s a young kid on the other team, he’ll skate up to them between whistles and say, “Hey buddy, glad you could make it. Just try to soak it all in. Enjoy it. This is your last game before you’re sent down.”

Of course there are many, many other truly hilarious things I’ve heard him say over the years, but none of them are really close to being appropriate for publication.

Marchand set career highs in all three scoring categories this season, tying for fourth in the NHL with 39 goals and adding 46 assists. He was suspended for the final two games of the regular season but is set to return to the lineup Wednesday night when the Bruins open their first-round playoff series against the Ottawa Senators.

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