Path 2 the Pros: INTERVIEW: Michigan LB/S Jabrill Peppers wants to hit Flacco in practice

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Jabril Peppers
Jabril Peppers

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE. IT IS NOT TRUE. Please enjoy it in that light.

Michigan LB/S Jabrill Peppers told Cover32/Ravens that he wants to play for the Ravens not only to continue his rapport with the Harbaugh coaching family, but to hit Joe Flacco in practice.

You read that correctly.

Peppers would not say specifically, but there is a personal issue that exists between him and Flacco, according to him. “He knows what it is,” Peppers said in a brief phone call, “It’s about those fives.”

Peppers wore #5 at the University of Michigan while playing a plethora of positions, on both sides of the ball. Flacco has worn #5 since his days at the University of Delaware. Peppers will no longer be able to wear this number in the NFL, due to number restrictions according to position.

Could this be what he meant?

“It’s about that three stripe life,” Peppers continued. “Somebody’s got to paint the target, and that target is meant to be bullseyed. On the practice field, I intend to be the arrow. But they’ve got to draft me first.”

A common practice for NFL teams is to give the Quarterbacks a different jersey in practice, to signify no hits. This might have been what Peppers referred to.

“Once I show that I’m real in practice, I’m gon’ show that I’m 1000% real in the game. Tatooing Flacco in practice is the first step. It’s about those 5’s.”

Underscoring Pepper’s assertion is this cryptic tweet from his Twitter feed:

The purple emoji is often used by Ravens to symbolize the team. Did Flacco tell Peppers that hitting him was unattainable? Is Flacco the “They”?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The best way to get this answer is either to do like a large portion of Ravens Nation is doing, and hope for a second #5 to be drafted at the end of this month, to find out the truth; or to look at the calendar of this month and realize what day today is.

That will shed all the truth about this story that you need to know.



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