Pass or fail: The Chargers' new Los Angeles logo

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Just 24 hours ago, the general public wasn’t sure what was going to happen to the San Diego Chargers. But late Wednesday night, ESPN broke the news that the Chargers would be cutting ties with the city they’ve known since 1961. It seems like a quickie divorce, too: the Chargers will reportedly spend the next two seasons playing at the StubHub Center, home of the Los Angeles Galaxy. Yes, the Major League Soccer team. It has a capacity of just over 27,000.

Another sign that this may have been a hasty decision? The logo the team unveiled once they went public with the move:

The Los Angeles Chargers’ new logo. (Team Twitter account)
The Los Angeles Chargers’ new logo. (Team Twitter account)

What is that? Do the L.A. Dodgers know the Chargers have essentially stolen their logo? Twitter user Mike P (@MVPizzle) offered our favorite analysis:

It can’t be good news that even other pro sports teams were taking swipes at the Chargers’ new logo, with NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning forced to declare that, no, they had not created a cross-sport logo baby with the Dodgers:

There were of course manipulations of the new icon:

And what’s a meme these days without a little Crying Jordan?

The team has already changed its Twitter profile to read “Los Angeles Chargers” and understandably, the responses to its tweet announcing the move are not favorable; there are a lot of people colorfully telling team chairman Dean Spanos what he can do to himself.

So what do you think of the Chargers’ new logo? Let us know in the comments.

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