Pass or fail: Blues' Winter Classic jersey leaked on (Photo)


Someone at is in big trouble after a heads up puck head noticed the site was carrying the Winter Classic jerseys.

Major stick tap to @stlchapman for tweeting @Icethetics a screenshot of the player jerseys available on

On the website now under St. Louis Blues jerseys are the blank women’s and youth jerseys that clearly state they’re for the Winter Classic (the lead photo in this article). Click on the link and you get an error. The player jerseys aren’t up anymore.

Officially, the team and the NHL have not released anything for the jerseys aside from the Blues tweeting out a logo teaser in August. That’s usually saved for a big press conference between the Blues and their opponents, the Chicago Blackhawks, at Busch Stadium as the game nears.

As for the jersey itself, the simplicity shows that you don’t have to get wacky with piping and font to make a knockout sweater.

They kind of remind us of old UCLA basketball jerseys, too.

via Uniform Critics
via Uniform Critics

So, what say you fellow merchandise maniacs? If these are in fact the actual Winter Classic jerseys for the St. Louis Blues (and we’re pretty, pretty, pretty sure they are): PASS OR FAIL?


The inspiration for the Blues’ Winter Classic sweaters has been located:

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