Panthers vs. Steelers first half open thread

Neal Coolong

The Steelers and Panthers kick off at 7:30 p.m. ET Thursday in the final preseason game of the year for both teams.

Let's be honest here, it isn't even about the opponent in this game. It's all about the last few position battles.

Howard Jones vs. Chris Carter. That will probably garner the most attention. Dan McCullers vs. Nick Williams vs. Josh Mauro. How will each of them be used? Will Derek Moye or Darrius Heyward-Bey do anything to convince the Steelers to keep more than five receivers?

Those are the subplots for the night, so sit back and prepare thyself to discuss en masse.

Before we do that, I'd like to send a friendly reminder to everyone to be respectful to one another. I've received far too many emails lately regarding these issues, and I'd really like it to stop. You have far better things to do with your time, and so do I.

BTSC is not a message board, nor is it the place you hang out at after the bar kicks you out. Be respectful and act appropriately, and there won't be an issue.

Thank you. Enjoy the game.

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