Panthers hid secret message in tweets ... and it's awesome

Shalise Manza YoungYahoo Sports Columnist
Shutdown Corner

The NFL and its teams aren’t exactly known for their levity – this is, after all, a league that had to reinstitute celebrating after largely legislating it out of the game – but the Carolina Panthers social media feeds have consistently been the exception.

And on Friday, the Panthers won the offseason, at least as far as Twitter goes.

In the morning, the team posted this:

OK, here goes …

Know where this is going yet?


Take a minute. Just sit right there. And if you’ve got the time to check out the rest of this thread on the Panthers Twitter feed, they’ll you “a story about how I became the Prince of a town called Bel-Air ..”

Check out the rest. Seriously good stuff to fill a seriously slow news cycle.

In case you, like us, now want to hear it in all its glory:

It took over 40 tweets and required a lot of pre-planning, the type of time they likely wouldn’t have once the season starts. So props, Panthers Twitter, but let’s end the offseason. Please.


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