Padres decide to name Petco Park plaza after Bud Selig

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I'm on my way to the Padres game right now.  Jon is literally waiting down on the curb for me.  I'm so infuriated by this Padres' decision that I have to throw up a a quick post.  The powers that be in the Padres Front Office decided to name the Palm Court Plaza after outgoing commissioner Bud Selig.

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What in the world did Selig ever do to help the Padres?  Why is he in anyway associated with the Hall of Fame?  He's the worst!  Why are we sucking up to a commissioner who's on his way out?  This makes zero sense.  I'm going down there to get some answers and if I can't get any then I may just drop some mustard packets all over his new sign.

I'm stunned.  Absolutely stunned.

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