Pacman Jones calls Terrelle Pryor 'garbage' after Bengals beat Browns

There’s precious little this year that the Cleveland Browns can point to with pride, but one of the year’s few bright spots — “bright” being a relative term, like a candle is “bright” in absolute darkness— has been the prodigal Ohio State product Terrelle Pryor. The onetime QB has managed to salvage his career with a switch to wide receiver, and has contributed 858 yards and four touchdowns to a generally woeful Browns offense.

He’s also apparently managed to tick off the Cincinnati Bengals’ Adam Jones something fierce. Earlier this past week, Jones teed off on Pryor. “He pushes off, every route. He’s an OK receiver,” Jones said. “They do feature him a little bit so he does get more looks than a guy who would be in his situation. He’s just a guy to me.”

Pryor managed only one catch for 3 yards in Cleveland’s loss, and after the game, Jones had no problem gloating. He pulled a page from Bill Belichick’s playbook, answering every question about Pryor with the word “garbage.”

Jones also used a trash can as a prop for his performance, suggesting Pryor might be hiding in there. (He wasn’t.)

Pryor hasn’t been terrible this season, but he was almost invisible Sunday, and yet another possible winnable game for the Browns has passed Cleveland by.

Pacman Jones, not a fan of Terrelle Pryor. (Getty)
Pacman Jones, not a fan of Terrelle Pryor. (Getty)

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