Patrick Chan wins Canadian men's short program

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) -- Three-time world champion Patrick Chan easily won the men's short program Friday night in the Canadian figure skating championships.

The favorite heading into the Sochi Olympics next month, Chan opened with a huge quadruple toe-triple toe combination, but then doubled a planned triple Axel and also doubled a triple Lutz. He scored 89.12 points for the program to Rachmaninoff's ''Elegy in E-Flat Minor.''

''I just got ahead of myself, did the great quad toe-triple toe and then my mind starts racing - ''Oh, my God, it's going to be a great program,''' Chan said.

''I kind of lost my train of thought, I didn't have anything in mind, I just kind of relaxed and thought it was over, rather than staying really pinpoint on to technically what I have to do to do the Axel successfully. And I didn't do that. Same with the Lutz.''

Liam Firus was second at 78.93, and Kevin Reynolds third with 78.29.

Kaetlyn Osmond won the women's short program, and Olympic ice dance champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir topped the short dance.

The 18-year-old Osmond, coming off an ankle injury and a torn hamstring, landed a triple flip-triple toe loop combination, then a triple Lutz to score 70.3 points.

''I have this little jump at the end of my program and I think I put more energy into that little half jump than I did into my entire program because I was so excited,'' Osmond said. ''And when I went to do my curtsy, I couldn't help but be relieved.''

Amelie Lacoste was second at 61.27, followed by 15-year-old Gabrielle Daleman at 58.38.

Virtue and Moir scored 76.16 points in a performance they weren't pleased with.

''We didn't perform under that pressure as well as we'd like to,'' Moir said. ''We've been training and practicing kind of lights-out and Tessa and I, we're really perfectionists and it felt like we had a couple moments today that just weren't the way we'd been training. That's probably the emotion you see on our faces.''

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje were second at 72.68, and Alexandra Paul of Toronto and Mitchell Islam third at 67.67.