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Thanks to all at Student Sports and The Opening's Brian Stumpf for all of the cooperation on Sunday. Below are names who stood out for various reasons listed. As always at these events I can and will just flat out miss some kids.

Offensive Linemen

My Offensive Line Best Performer? Metea Valley Bryce Effner. Effner I felt just showed the best in all aspects here. Effner had a rough one on one in particular yet bounced back and got better the rest of the day.

Just a decent group here nothing overwhelming and that could be said for the entire group regardless of location. Best two kids I saw hailed from Michigan.

Artese Gregory Plainfield East- 2018 kid who has made really strong progress this winter. Did not have good junior season tape but has gone to work and has added more size and strength. Also has improved his overall mobility, hands and just seems more physical and confident. Summer one days will be big here.

Wyatt Blake Crystal Lake Central- Northwestern commit. Overall good sized kid good base and is very fluid and also athletic. Had some good reps and a few not so good. Could improve strength a bit and also use his hands a bit better but very evident to see Wyatt's upside.

Nick Boehm DeLaSalle- 2018 kid played OC and will be an OC or maybe a DT at the next level. Stalemated a few high profile kids a scrapper and hard nosed kid, Has a chance to add camp offers this summer good combo of strength and power.

Austin Glazier Fenwick- Austin has steadily added more size and strength yet is still filling out a very big frame. Physically still a work in progress but he also has a lot to offer now and down the road. Has good length and reach and will also draw a lot of spring in school looks.

Charlie Gross Loyola Academy- just a pretty solid all around linemen. Drill work and positional work was a strength here didn't see him much unfortunately in one on ones. Has good size/frame.

Bryce Effner Metea Valley- was the most impressive Illinois OL I saw on Saturday. This was the first time I've seen Effner on the hoof. Longer/taller and just a bigger framed kid than I expected to see. Was able to use good technique...then got into a few scraps in one on ones which seemed to fire him up...then Effner really turned it on. I have no doubts that Effner is a tackle and a Big Ten caliber tackle as well.

Jose Vazquez Glenbard North- covered Jose from my Saturday event at McCook see that review.

Hunter Woodard Tuscola.- downstate small school kid from Tuscola. Big strong tackle type who was honestly better than I expected here. Was very solid in pass pro, a part of OL play that a lot of smaller school kids who play in a run heavy system seem to struggle with at these events. It took Woodard a few reps to get going but then more than handled all comers. Lots of potential and upside here and I'm sorta stunned that more Power 5 schools haven't offered him.

Nick Marozas Brother Rice- Nick will most likely be a tackle at the next level which was one of the questions I had regarding him. Was solid in drill and positional work and had some issues at times against some really high level speedy DE types in one on ones. Kept coming back for more reps and kept battling here and impressed with his work and motor.


Defensive Linemen

Very strong position overall and also in an Illinois perspective.

My Defensive Line Best Performer? Marist 2018 DT Elijah Teague- Teague I felt had the best and most consistent day overall in a very strong group. Both Dashawn Mallory and Isaiah Lee also in the discussion here.

Marquis Burks Curie- I feel has Big Ten caliber talent. Burks has great size and shows really good quickness off the edge. Just plays with a high motor, a ton of speed and has improved and is making real strides in his technique and moves. Still needs to work on some aspects but the sheer talent and raw athletic ability are hard to not take notice. Was really impressive here.

Gavin McCabe Marist- another 2018 kid I wanted to "eyeball". Has good size but to me he will be a defensive of the questions I had about McCabe at the next level. Has a good base, good bend and plays with decent leverage. Could add a bit more size/strength for the Power 5 but again I feel he's still physically a work in progress. Pretty easy to see why so many BCS schools have extended offers. Spring will be huge for McCabe for say Big Ten and higher level schools.

Dashawn Mallory Bolingbrook- 2018 DT and one of the top overall performers here. Played inside and was very strong in one on ones. Mallory was very effective with both the speed rush along with power moves and has advanced pass rush moves and technique. Only holdup I can see with more Power 5 schools getting serious is can Mallory add more weight and maintain his quickness? Otherwise huge upside here and the lights really went on in one on ones.

DL Tierre Turner Simeon- I've seen Tierre a handful of times now and he's developing into a very solid DL who also competed pretty well here against some very high level kids. Is still learning and improving his overall technique and just seems to get better every time I see him...which is a real positive.

DE Mike DeHaan Andrew- DE who's committed to NIU and this was my first time eyeballing him. DeHaan is a 6-foot-6 defensive end and is a kid who will need to add more weight/size at the next level. You can't help but be excited about DeHaan's upside...and you seldom see a 6-foot-6 DE at the MAC level and while it might take a year or two DeHaan could be a potential steal down the road.

DT Noah Shannon Oswego- an inside mauler who had some good reps and also had some tough reps on Sunday. Shannon has good quickness and power and is a kid who understands leverage and uses his hands well. Shannon remains one of the toughest inside guys in this class and will continue to add more offers this spring.

DT Verdis Brown IMG (Chicago)- I know sorry MC fans...kid is just an absolute monster and showed it here on Sunday. Brown I feel will play DT at the high Power 5 level. Verdis just brings strength power and impressive quickness to the table. Built like a house.

DT Elijah Teague Marist- Minnesota commit. Another standout here who was in the best on best OL vs DL at the end of the camp. Teague is a nice mix of size/power and quickness for a DT. Competed really hard here and took a ton of reps and never wavered. Was consistently good against top notch competition. No question Teague has a chance to be really good at the high BCS level.

DT Isaiah Lee Nazareth Academy- was little known until this winter. Just keeps improving and impressing on the camp circuit. Loves to take as many reps as possible..and never backs down and battles all comers. Very advanced in his overall technique and keeps improving. Doesn't have quite the thickness or overall frame/size as a few of the higher ranked kids here...yet proved without a doubt that he can compete and hang with all of them. Excited for Lee's spring and summer to follow.

DE Jack Sullivan Plainfield East- NIU commit could pass as Mike DeHaan on several levels...Sullivan is also built similar like DeHaan...Sullivan is 6-foot-5 plus and is a lean kid who will need to add more weight and strength at the next level. Has good quickness and tools. Needs to again add size and power yet Sullivan has the frame to get bigger and stronger down the line. Again when has NIU ever had any type of long, lean and lanky outside ends? Anyone?

DL Desmond Taylor East St Louis- Desmond did well here and I've been watching him over the past year plus. I'm still trying to sort out if he will eventually play DE or DT and worked as as DE here. Has good quickness, very good bend and leverage...also did well in one on ones and has good strength as well. Just a very solid kid, solid performance and a definite name to watch.

DE Cade Keenan Crystal Lake Central 2018- been a fan of Cade since last season. Plays DE and has good quickness and just never stops grinding. Love how he battles on every rep and he could be in line for more offers later this spring and summer. Mid D1 to high FCS tools here.

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