Only 39 Yahoo Tourney Pick'em players picked all four Final Four teams

Kevin Kaduk
The Dagger

If you picked North Carolina, Oregon, Gonzaga and South Carolina to reach the Final Four, please return that future sports almanac to where you found it. Your actions are having a severe impact on the McFly family and historical events in Hill Valley.

All joking aside, if you correctly predicted all four teams, give yourself a pat on the back. Only 39 players in Yahoo Sports’ Tourney Pick’Em tabbed that unlikely quartet to play in Glendale, Ariz., next Saturday.

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Many more people didn’t pick a single team right: 26.1 percent of all completed entries, to be exact.

It’s a little surprising that we find ourselves here, considering how easy the tournament’s first day was. Fifteen of the 16 favored teams won.

But the chaos in the East regional destroyed a lot of plans. A whopping 88.7 percent of pick’em players had either Villanova or Duke coming out of that bracket. But both schools lost in the first weekend, opening the door for Florida and South Carolina to play in the regional final (shout out to the 0.61 percent of you who somehow saw that coming).

Meanwhile, other popular teams like Kansas, Arizona, UCLA and Kentucky lost in the Sweet 16  or Elite Eight.

If there’s any consolation for anyone, it’s that the most popular champion pick, North Carolina, is still alive for 17 percent of players. A banner for Gonzaga would please 9.3 percent of entries while Oregon (1.1) and South Carolina (0.1) would give a small set a special kind of bragging rights.


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