One week in, what's the word around the majors?

Tim Brown
Yahoo! Sports

A week into the season, almost nothing means anything.

There are, however, signs of optimism. It's spring. And there are issues. It's Houston.

Records, such as they are, are through Monday.

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays (5-2)

Hey, cool: Good health and two strong starts by Shaun Marcum(notes) are reassuring, but considering Vernon Wells'(notes) contract still has five years and $98.5 million left, five home runs and nine RBI in his first seven games were the best developments of the week.

Uh-oh: Alex Anthopoulos will have no luck getting out from under the last few dollars of Lyle Overbay's(notes) contract if Overbay is going to keep hitting .077.

New York Yankees (4-2)

Hey, cool: Brett Gardner's(notes) start – .294 batting average, four runs, three steals – allay some of the fears Joe Girardi wouldn't have much in left field.

Uh-oh: Javier Vazquez(notes), who didn't take to New York his last time through (nor it to him), was hammered by the Rays in his return start. He gets the ball again Sunday against the Angels at the Stadium.

Boston Red Sox (3-4)

Hey, cool: They did what they had to and replaced Nation favorite Mike Lowell(notes) with Adrian Beltre(notes), who has made every play and batted .375.

Uh-oh: So far, David Ortiz(notes) has lashed out at media and an umpire. His batting average didn't clear .200 until mid-June last season. This one, he's struck out 11 times in 22 at-bats.

Tampa Bay Rays (4-3)

Hey, cool: All of Jeff Niemann's(notes) parts are still attached after getting winged in the shoulder by a liner in his first start. He'll make his scheduled start Tuesday in Baltimore.

Uh-oh: Pat Burrell(notes), batting .200 after two hits Sunday and another Monday, is once again looking like an offensive albatross.

Baltimore Orioles (1-6)

Hey, cool: The O's are sitting on one win, but here comes Matt Wieters(notes). After finishing '09 with a .333 September/October, he's batting .400.

Uh-oh: Closer Mike Gonzalez has blown two saves and has a 4.500 WHIP.

AL Central

Detroit Tigers (5-2)

Hey, cool: At this pace, Magglio Ordonez(notes) should lap his '09 production numbers – nine homers, 50 RBI – by the time the kids get out of school. Oh, and he's hitting .387.

Uh-oh: Lobbed the Royals and Indians in his first two starts, Justin Verlander(notes) is winless and lugging a 9.00 ERA.

Minnesota Twins (6-2)

Hey, cool: Five wins over seven days in Anaheim and Chicago was the perfect way to come off the road and open Target Field. Having for the moment secured the ninth inning – Jon Rauch(notes) has five saves – is even better.

Uh-oh: Doesn't look like third base is going to do them any favors again this season – Nick Punto(notes) is batting .190, Brendan Harris(notes) .111.

Chicago White Sox (3-4)

Hey, cool: The rotation generally looks as good as advertised. Only Jake Peavy(notes) lacked a quality start one time through and, after two starts, still lacks one.

Uh-oh: Juan Pierre(notes) .138, Mark Kotsay(notes) .214, Alex Rios(notes) .250, Mark Teahen(notes) .211, Alexei Ramirez(notes) .154.

Cleveland Indians (2-5)

Hey, cool: Decent starts by Justin Masterson(notes) and David Huff(notes) give the rotation hope.

Uh-oh: Grady Sizemore(notes), who missed more than 50 games last season, could not play Sunday or Monday because of back soreness.

Kansas City Royals (3-4)

Hey, cool: Rick Ankiel(notes) showed up ready to play, batting .333 and driving in six runs.

Uh-oh: The pitching staff – outside a few – didn't show up, having allowed at least seven runs in four of seven games.

AL West

Oakland A's (6-2)

Hey, cool: Another young arm by the Bay: Tyson Ross(notes), who is 22 and never pitched above Double-A, has allowed a run over 5 1/3 innings against M's and Angels.

Uh-oh: Still at the same address: Forbes ranks the A's 29th in franchise value.

Texas Rangers (4-3)

Hey, cool: Yup, Vlad still loves hitting in Texas. He's batting .464.

Uh-oh: Granted center field, Julio Borbon(notes) has one hit and no walks in 25 plate appearances.

Los Angeles Angels (2-5)

Hey, cool: The Vlad thing could look bad, but Hideki Matsui(notes) has been their best hitter and even played a game in left field without his knees bursting into flames.

Uh-oh: For all the early bullpen issues, the one player they needed to start well was Brandon Wood(notes). He's batting .053.

Seattle Mariners (2-6)

Hey, cool: Franklin Gutierrez(notes) isn't just the best defensive center fielder in the game. For the moment, he's one of the better offensive ones too.

Uh-oh: Milton Bradley(notes) hits: 1. Milton Bradley fan flip-offs: 1.

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies (6-1)

Hey, cool: Jimmy Rollins(notes) .391, Placido Polanco(notes) .484, Chase Utley(notes) .346, Ryan Howard(notes) .375 (and 11 RBI), Jayson Werth(notes) .357.

Uh-oh: They can't play the Nats and Astros forever, can they?

Florida Marlins (4-3)

Hey, cool: It's a start – Nate Robertson(notes) goes five strong against the Mets.

Uh-oh: Chris Coghlan(notes), in his first week as a sophomore, hits .152 and strikes out in nearly a third of his at-bats.

Atlanta Braves (3-4)

Hey, cool: It's been untidy at times (10 K's in 26 at-bats) but Jason Heyward(notes) has three home runs, nine RBI and a .387 OBP.

Uh-oh: They'll need production out of Troy Glaus(notes). He's batting .231 and slugging … .231.

Washington Nationals (3-4)

Hey, cool: They're, uh, 3-4.

Uh-oh: They going to have to play someone other than the Mets.

New York Mets (2-4)

Hey, cool: David Wright(notes) hit a home run in his first at-bat of the season at Citi Field.

Uh-oh: He has one extra-base hit since.

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals (5-2)

Hey, cool: After a second-half fade in his rookie season (.216), Colby Rasmus(notes) comes out hot: .294 batting, 1.244 OPS.

Uh-oh: In starts against the Reds and Brewers, Chris Carpenter(notes) allows five home runs and nine runs total in 11 innings.

Cincinnati Reds (4-3)

Hey, cool: Mike Leake(notes) not only allowed a solitary run in his professional debut but also recorded two hits.

Uh-oh: Leake has as many hits as Jonny Gomes(notes) does.

Milwaukee Brewers (3-4)

Hey, cool: Two crucial parts of the offense, Rickie Weeks(notes) (.348) and Corey Hart(notes) (.357), look like they might help Prince Fielder(notes) and Ryan Braun.

Uh-oh: In the National League, only the Pirates' starting pitchers have allowed more runs than the Brewers' starters.

Pittsburgh Pirates (3-4)

Hey, cool: The running game is working – the Pirates have stolen eight bases and haven't been caught.

Uh-oh: In an eerie coincidence, the Pirates' ERA (7.47) through six games matched the model of airplane (747) they flew out of Phoenix for a three-game series against the Giants.

Chicago Cubs (3-4)

Hey, cool: After the opening-day debacle in Atlanta, Carlos Zambrano(notes) gets out of the second inning in Cincinnati.

Uh-oh: Through six games – in Atlanta and Cincinnati hitters' paradises – they were batting .197.

Houston Astros (0-7)

Hey, cool: Reaching here – the Astros have committed only five errors. That doesn't include the offseason.

Uh-oh: Brad Mills'(notes) offense has scored 13 runs. Just for a broad comparison, the Cardinals have hit 13 home runs.

NL West

San Francisco Giants (6-1)

Hey, cool: A little wrist surgery goes a long way – Edgar Renteria(notes) is batting .440.

Uh-oh: Soon, they're going to need offense from Mark DeRosa(notes) (.217).

Arizona Diamondbacks (4-2)

Hey, cool: As much as anyone, Chris Young could have used a decent start. He's batting .292 and is up there with the big boys with 11 RBI.

Uh-oh: Miguel Montero(notes) goes to the disabled list and needs knee surgery.

Colorado Rockies (3-3)

Hey, cool: If Troy Tulowitzki(notes) was going to start slow again, the Rockies were going to need help elsewhere. Hello, Carlos Gonzalez(notes) (.393) and Ian Stewart(notes) (.391).

Uh-oh: Tulowitzki has started slow again (.231).

Los Angeles Dodgers (2-4)

Hey, cool: After three down and/or injury-plagued seasons in L.A., a healthy Rafael Furcal(notes) is among the team leaders in runs, hits and steals.

Uh-oh: Behind a suspect rotation (4.96 ERA) lurks a suspect bullpen (5.68 ERA).

San Diego Padres (3-4)

Hey, cool: Back at his native third base, Chase Headley(notes) is batting .448.

Uh-oh: The Padres' .278 OBP means Headley has two RBI.

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