One-punch knockout in ECHL goalie fight (Video)

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Adam Vay is the goalie for the Quad City Mallards of the ECHL, but on Wednesday night against the Cincinnati Cyclones, he was their enforcer.

Cincinnati’s Brandon McNally ran Andrew Panzarella of Quad City behind Vay’s net, crushing him to the ice. Vay turned around and attacked McNally, and a glorious melee began.

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Michael Houser, the Cyclones goalie, was told to remain in his crease by the referee, but that’s really wishful thinking when the climate is ripe for a GOALIE FIGHT! So Vay skated to center ice to meet Howser, and … he dropped him with one left hook.

The announcer’s “and then Houser just stumbles down” was caked in so much legit disappointment. But still … GOALIE FIGHT!

Another view, via Patrick on Twitter:

You can see Houser preparing to lock up with Vay, unaware that his opponent was ready to start the fight with his left hand. And you can see Vay get real “oh geez oh man oh darn I’m sorry” after dropping him.

Vay was given 19 penalty minutes, including minors for roughing and leaving the crease. Both goalies were given fighting majors and game misconducts for starting a “secondary altercation” at 10:37 of the third period. 

Quad City actually scored against Houser’s replacement, Mark Visentin, but lost the game, 3-2. Good times.

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