Of course Great Britain brought its own plumber to the Olympic Village

At least Great Britain's fencing team won't need to use their épées to snake any drains. (Gustavo Andrade/Getty Images)
At least Great Britain’s fencing team won’t need to use their épées to snake any drains. (Gustavo Andrade/Getty Images)

Leave it to the Brits to find a civilized solution to an uncivilized problem.

Blocked toilets and leaking pipes were among the chief concerns when the Australian Olympic Committee delayed their entry into the Olympic Village last week, so the British Olympic Association took matters into their own hands, hiring their own plumber for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

“We’ve got our own plumber that comes in on a daily basis,” aptly named British Olympic Association chef de mission Mark England told the media in Brazil on Monday, according to the AFP international news agency. “He’s not at all overworked, but he’s there just in case something gets stuck.”

Just wait until Team Great Britain’s powerlifting team arrives.

Seriously, though, the Brits will feature 366 competitors at the 2016 Summer Olympics, all housed in one 17-story building, so if reigning Masters champion Danny Willett’s afternoon tea is a little too tepid or Wimbledon winner Andy Murray clogs a toilet, it’ll be nice to have a plumber on hand.

As England added, “Maybe somebody’s showers are a bit colder in the morning than they would have liked. But we’ve prepared.” As expected from the country that brought us Shakespeare and Churchill.