Odell Beckham Injury Update: Tom Coughlin is frustrated -- again

Ed Valentine
SB Nation

Tom Coughin has been here before with Beckham, and he is growing increasingly frustrated.

Rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. did not practice Sunday for the New York Giants -- his sixth straight day of inactivity since allegedly not suffering a setback last Monday with his troublesome hamstring. Head coach Tom Coughlin is clearly frustrated with the Beckham situation.

Asked about Beckham during his daily meeting with the media, Coughlin shifted uncomfortably and shook his head before answering.

"I would like the next time someone asks me that to have him out here practicing, so I don't have to answer it. You know as much as I do. You are out here watching him every day, too," said an exasperated Coughlin. "That's all I can tell you. I would like to see the young man practice before he got into the regular season. That would certainly be a good thing."

Beckham missed most of OTAs and all of mini-camp due to the hamstring injury. He aggravated it the first day of training camp and missed about three weeks worth of practice. He returned to practice for less than a week before being shut down after being hit in the leg during last Monday's practice.

The Giants insisted at the time that Beckham had not suffered a setback with the hamstring. That is getting harder and harder to believe as the days pass and Beckham spends his time standing idly and catching passes from a either a coach or a machine.

It is also becoming increasingly hard to believe that Beckham will be able to help the Giants in any significant way during the early part of the season.

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