October 2016 Value Idea Contest Announcement

- By Holly LaFon

In order to encourage more idea sharing GuruFocus hosts a monthly value idea contest. We will reward qualified value idea submissions $1000 if the idea doubles in 12 months. Qualified authors will also receive $100 per submission. The submissions are evaluated monthly.

We review all the submissions in the areas of business quality, financial strength, management, valuation, presentations and user comments. To qualify for the award and compensation, the submission should score 26 or higher. The goal of the contest is to dig out high-quality companies at reasonable prices. That is also how the scoring is tilted.

$100 per submission will be paid to the qualified submissions. We will also track the performances of these submissions. $1000 will be paid to these authors if their picks double in the next 12 months. Non-qualified, but exclusive submissions will be paid as regular articles.

You can go here to see the winners we had previously. These are the examples on how we grade the submissions and how the winning submissions look like.

We are looking forward to more submissions. We hope your pick doubles in 12 months.

This article first appeared on GuruFocus.

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