NVISION Eye Centers Welcomes Weston Eye Care of Oregon

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2015) - NVISION Eye Centers, one of the leading providers of LASIK and cataract surgery in the U.S., announced today the addition of Weston Eye Center of Roseburg, Ore. to the NVISION family of eye centers. With 18 established eye centers throughout California, Nevada and Oregon, NVISION expands its footprint in the Pacific Northwest to accommodate increasing patient demand for the unparalleled state-of-the-art technologies and techniques NVISION utilizes to restore vision to stunning clarity.

"Our expansion over the last three years is a reflection of the widespread need for innovation in the medical practice setting, especially in light of the recent changes in healthcare," says James Pereyra, president of NVISION Eye Centers. "It's about bringing the gold standard in patient care, training and technology to outstanding organizations we've carefully identified and selected like Weston, whose 30-year history of excellence and strong community ties are in perfect alignment with our goal to help change the way people see the world."

The rural community of Roseburg -- the heart of the U.S. timber capital -- has placed unwavering trust in Weston Eye Center for decades. "We are the only eye center of its kind in the county," says its founder Jon-Marc Weston, M.D., an award-winning, board-certified eye physician and surgeon who was the first in the Northwest to use an endoscopic laser for glaucoma and multi-focal lens implants. "This means as much to our dedicated staff and surgeons as it does to those who live in this community and in the greater region, where this level of care and cutting-edge technology would otherwise be unobtainable. With the support of NVISION's world-class surgeons and staff, who have made the NVISION name the hallmark of ophthalmology, we'll be able to reach more people and change more lives."

NVISION takes a unique approach to patient care. Those who have experienced the expertise and precision of NVISION's skillful and compassionate surgeons know that improving vision not only restores the precious gift of sight but also renews hope for a brighter future. "From the moment our patients walk through the door, they know we'll be with them every step of the way," says Pereyra. "Though our procedures are completed quite quickly, we build relationships -- based on trust and successful outcomes -- that last a lifetime."

For more information, visit www.NVISIONCenters.com.

ABOUT NVISION EYE CENTERS: NVISION Eye Centers is one of the leading providers of LASIK and cataract surgery in the U.S., with 18 centers in California, Nevada and Oregon. An innovative leader in ophthalmology, NVISION is dedicated to providing the best patient experience through the use of the latest technology and treatment by the most talented and experienced surgeons in the industry. NVISION was founded in 2010 by Tom Tooma, M.D., one of the earliest pioneers of LASIK who has performed more than 100,000 procedures throughout his esteemed career. With more than 1,700 eye doctors referring their patients and trusting their own eyes to NVISION surgeons, NVISION Eye Centers is the Eye Doctors' #1 Choice®. For more information, visit www.NVISIONCenters.com or call 877-91NVISION (877-916-8474).