By The Numbers Week 29

The weekend was actually a good one for me; Spurs won both their games, I managed to return to the 100 point club and my selections all did well again. What more could I ask for? This week looks to have some great fixtures and I’m actually feeling quietly confident about Spurs visiting Old Trafford, something that I haven’t said for quite some time. So, now that I’ve put my stake firmly in the ground about that game, let’s have a look at my goalkeeper predictions.


Well last week’s goalkeeper picks of Courtois and Lloris weren’t bad were they? 35 points in total and two of the top four scorers.

There are five goalkeeper this week who survive the “greater than 32% probability” test; Ospina, Courtois, Hart, Speroni and Howard. At first glance, Howard’s cheap price and home game against Newcastle look positive but we’ve discussed this before – Howard is the stuff fantasy nightmares are made of – I can’t ever suggest him. Speroni looks like a great price, especially at home to QPR. Courtois and Hart look to offer just about value for money although both Southampton and Burnley are known for scoring goals, especially as they’ve got something to fight for. Ospina looks just too expensive, especially as West Ham are performing well. Personally, I’m going to stick with Speroni as he offers a great mix of cost versus upside – I’ll also be hoping that Southampton take a beating as I discussed last week.


Last week the predictor suggested focusing on Liverpool, City, Spurs, Stoke and Arsenal, who duly obliged with five wins and 11 goals. I also mentioned six players who totalled 104 points amongst them. Here’s this week’s prediction:

You’ll see somewhat unsurprisingly that Arsenal and Chelsea line up as the most likely to succeed but Sunderland, Crystal Palace and City also manage scores over 50%. Whilst Player Picks are part of Nik’s column, my top choices for attacking points come from Giroud, Costa, Defoe, Rodwell, Bolasie and Silva.

Poisson returns

Last week’s double fixtures meant that I was unable to bring the Poisson predictions to you but here we go:

Those of you interested in goals should look to Utd vs Spurs, Arsenal vs West Ham and Chelsea vs Southampton. I’m glad to see that Palace make the top three most likely clean sheets which reinforces my early choice of Speroni.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.