Nowitzki: NBA can't get rid of flopping

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Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki told the Dallas Morning News that flopping has a place in the NBA -- to a degree.
"We're never going to get rid of it," Nowitzki said. "But you got to limit it. It's part of sports. It's part of winning. Some people are smart and do a little extra thing to kind of sell the call. To me, that's part of sports."
Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is financing a Southern Methodist University study to investigate whether or not video or other motion capture techniques can differentiate flops from genuine player collisions.
"You don't want the obvious ones, the really, really bad one," Nowitzki said. "I think we'd love to get rid of those.
"But if somebody really does get shoved or hit a little bit, just to sell it a little for the referees so it does get the call, I don't have a problem with that. I think that's part of the game."
Commissioner David Stern wants to increase the $5,000 fine for flopping, saying that it is not enough to discourage the practice.

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