Northwestern crying kid on a roller coaster of emotions during game vs. Gonzaga (video)

(Yahoo Sports)
(Yahoo Sports)

Move over piccolo girl, there is a new crying meme in town.

Halfway through the second half of the Northwestern vs. Gonzaga game on CBS, the camera panned to a hysterically sobbing young Northwestern fan after a foul was called on the Wildcats. It was only a matter of seconds before the internet was off and running with GIFs of the boy.

The kid is the son of Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips. The two kids to either side of him are Phillips’ other two sons.

Once CBS realized what they had, they kept going back to him during the second half. Sometimes, he was in agony. But he was also wildly celebrating on a few occasions as Northwestern made a comeback:

(Yahoo Sports)

Twitter, of course, immediately recognized the meme potential and the kid’s impending fame:

Northwestern made a huge comeback from a 20-plus-point deficit, but ended up falling short and bowing out of its first NCAA tournament.

This is not the first crying kid shown on camera during a major sporting event…

But it’s probably the most memorable during the meme era.

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