Noah Syndergaard vs. Mr. Met is the best beef in baseball these days

Mike Oz

When you’re talking to New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard these days, there are topics aplenty to discuss. Those 100 mph fastballs. Just how potent that Mets rotation can be. His hair, of course. But there’s another topic that might be the most entertaining of all: His ongoing feud with Mr. Met, his team’s famous mascot.

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It’s rare to see baseball players publicly airing their beefs in ways that don’t involve a fastball to the ribs. It’s even more rare when the beef is with a mascot. It’s super duper rare when it’s the mascot for their own team. This whole Thor vs. Mr. Met show — because, yes, it’s a show; but that doesn’t mean it’s not good entertainment — has really been ratcheted up the past week.

Take, for instance, this photo that Syndergaard posted on opening day of his mom buddying up with Mr. Met. Syndergaard’s off-the-field is persona is quite funny, particularly on social media. Feuding with a mascot seems to give him the chance to bring that out.

When Syndergaard sat down with Yahoo Sports recently, our own Tim Hines asked him about his mother hanging with Mr. Met. That’s when Syndergaard, who was otherwise pretty buttoned up in the interview, let the snark fly.

“I guess she’s getting a little senile, taking pictures with Mr. Met now,” quipped Syndergaard, who joined us on behalf of SportsCrate. “So I’ll probably have to put her in a home here pretty soon.”

Noah Syndergaard vs. Mr. Met is the best beef in baseball these days. (AP/Getty Images)
Noah Syndergaard vs. Mr. Met is the best beef in baseball these days. (AP/Getty Images)

Last week at a goofy press conference in which Syndergaard was announced as an “intern” for Topps and its Topps Now line, Mr. Met showed up, sat in the crowd and mocked Syndergaard throughout. When the baseball-card questions ended, reporters began asking Syndergaard about the blister on this pitching hand that made his leave his opening-day start early.

Syndergaard was talking about getting treatment on his middle finger, then, right on cue, showed his middle finger to Mr. Met and said, “It’s this finger right here.” (Syndergaard’s blister didn’t seem to be bothering him Sunday night when he struck out nine in seven innings against the Miami Marlins).

If this feels a bit like pro wrestling to you, that’s probably the point. Syndergaard and Mr. Met have been going back and forth for months — including some good Valentine’s Day burns — but now that Syndergaard is The Man in the Mets’ rotation and the new season has started, he’s getting over with his ability to cut a decent promo.

If this actually gets any closer to pro wrestling, Mr. Met had better watch out. The 6-foot-6 Texan with the 100 mph fastball and a super-hero nickname is going to win that battle every single time.

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